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We have become so good at change!   Aren't you impressed with yourself and those around you for the adapting and changing that you've managed over the past year? 

I've taken a lot of time lately to create change - which might seem strange, but change you feel like you are driving is a lot easier to take! 

We've created a new company and brand that will feature items developed and curated by Devitt House, and in some circumstances, made by us!  Fred & Alice is named after my grandparents who had a remarkable love story built on hard work, perseverence, determination and joy.  The Fred & Alice brand's first creations have been whipped sugar scrubs and bath salts as a way to offer comfort and warmth to our clients.  We are thrilled to see how much everyone loves them!   Gracie and I have spent so much time together planning and creating and marketing - I am so grateful for this opportunity to be with her and work together.  This past year has given our family the chance to slow down and be together in ways we haven't experienced since our children were very young.  The time to plan and to be creative is something I think many of us are lucky to have had during the pandemic. 

One of our biggest challenges has of course been the periods of lockdown, combined with trying to offer a version of Devitt House online that still means something to people.  Moving from one system to another has meant an awful lot of time spent on the computer wishing that learning curve wasn't quite as steep as it has been some days,  I am very stubborn which is helpful but I expect we've all found it hard at times to manage the amount of learning and change there has been.   It has been so wonderful being able to easily stay in contact with everyone through social media, email and our website.  Sometimes we even talk on the phone lol!  We've recently started doing live streams on Instagram, along with venturing into the world of TikTok and IGTV.   It is actually quite fun and I am glad Gracie has been able to make it something I could do!  Similarly, the rest of the family and a couple friends have made it possible for us to function effeciently online by creating a basement that we can actually store stock in and work in -  which is a big feat in a former dirt floor basement of 160 years vintage!

I am excited about all the changes and how we will continue to evolve at Devitt House.  I plan on sticking around no matter what and I couldn't be more grateful for the support of our clients, my family and friends.  

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  • So well said. Larry and I have been so impressed and so proud of you for what you have accomplished though this last year. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for Devitt House.


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