The JOY of baking

I know you've heard that before somewhere... 

When everyone was home last year we turned to comforting and sustaining activities.  We turned to things like sewing, gardening and baking.  Our sourdough starters were getting all the attention we normally couldn't have managed.  The luxury of baking bread, waiting for dough to rise, perfecting recipes for doughnuts and pretzels...these were all things that we suddenly had the time to enjoy.  A truly warm and comforting aspect of a scary time.  Some of us are still struggling with fear and uncertainty but I hope that we hold on to a life where there is time to truly enjoy the moment. 

I have always been an avid baker, happily staying up late to find the time to bake those things that brougnt me and others joy.  Everyone has to eat, but baked goods are a choice.  In a carb free, gluten eschewing world, it is a true pleasure to sink your teeth into a perfectly textured peanut butter cookie, or to enjoy the tangy crunch of a sourdough pretzel.   My kids and my husband (and often neighbours or family) getting that look of joy of their face when they eat something I've baked is something I hope to see for decades to come, much as my grandma would get a particular smile on her face when we would race to the tin in the fridge to get pieces of her precious Hello Dollies. 

Fast food and door dashing may have their place, but time spent in a kitchen warmed by an oven, or walking into a home filled with the scent of chocolate and cinnamon is truly a joy we all deserve.

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