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Meet the Devitt House team!

We thought you might like a brief introduction to our amazing staff! 

Duke and Teddy

Hi, we are Duke and Teddy. 

We head up the Global Sales and Marketing department at Devitt House.  I'm (Duke) from Istanbul and Teddy is from Cairo.  We love hanging out at the store and meeting everyone who comes in.  I love to bring customers presents like their own mittens or gloves and hold them hostage till you pet me...I hope you don't mind dog slobber!  My adopted bro Teddy is smarter than all of us combined, and the second you're not looking he is probably sneaking away with a treat of some sort that he definitely should not have.

We're one of the main reasons folks love DH (and we know it!) so come on in for all the wonderful stuff Mom brings in and stay for a snuggle too!  We love to meet other pups but if it gets a bit crazy we can always go downstairs while you shop with your pup!


We got so lucky when Hannah came looking to join us at Devitt House!  She couldn't be a better fit!  Creative, funny, a quick learner, and eager to help everyone, you will see her doing things like displays and making videos! 


Daisy has been coming into Devitt House for ten years and we were so happy to have her join our team!  We knew she would be the perfect fit! She is creative, efficient, and loves puppies!   


Tessa is very helpful, funny and shares the staff's love of our chocolate collection.  I think the chocolate covered oreos are her weakness! 

She is eager to learn, has a gentle, sweet way with customers and can't wait to help you!


One of our newest Devitt House employees, Rachael fits right in, happy to chat with clients and to snuggle Duke and Teddy or any visiting dogs.  She shares the caffeine addiction we all seem to have and she loves the creative side of things and helping people make the perfect choice!


One of Jenn's favorite people from KCI, Gail is a super sweet, intelligent and extremely kind person and we are so fortunate she joined us!  She is very hard working, meticulous and anxious to do a wonderful job - which of course, she does! She has a service dog, Bella, a golden retriever of course!  Bella will be with Gail at DH sometimes.