Meet Our Staff!

I thought you might like a brief introduction to our staff besides Jenn!



Hi everyone, I’m Katelyn! I’m in my grade 12 at KCI, just around the corner from Devitt House. In my spare time I enjoy reading a good book and swimming.  At Devitt House I love interacting with new customers and helping them find their joy! I love looking at all of the pretty displays that are put together at  Devitt House, but don’t ask me to make one! I enjoy doing the computer tech stuff, so if you need help there I’m your gal (and Jenn loves that! I look forward to seeing you all in store.

Ella C

Hi I'm Ella C! I'm in Grade 10 and I've worked at Devitt house for a bit over a year now.  Like most of the staff here, I am KCI alum and saw first hand how Devitt House has become such an important part of the neighbourhood over the years.  I love creative work and assisting customers in finding the perfect gift!

Ella S

Hi I’m Ella! not Gracie, and unfortunately not her sister either, as many think. I'm  another tall brunette who absolutely loves working here at Devitt House! I’ve been here for a year and a half now, and wouldn’t change it for the world! Boss lady Jennifer always brings in the cutest little things which I end up spending all my money on. 


Holly is the newest member of the Devitt House team! With an eye for colour and styling, Holly studied visual merchandising at Conestoga College and has lots of experience working in retail.  She has a true passion for everything home and loves to use her creativity to assist customers in finding the perfect items for their home.  If she's not working at the shop you can find her thrifting and antiquing at all the local spots!Gracie 

Hi Devitt House lovers! I'm Gracie Devitt, I am 18 years old and curently taking a gap year before I head off to Ryerson next year! As you can probably imagine, I've worked at Devitt House since I could walk and talk. Over the years my mom has guided me through displays and design at the store which I am so greatful for! As the store's clientile has grown over the years I've met so many amazing people- along with employees as well. Devitt House is truly a welcoming, warm and kind environment I am so happy to be apart of. Devitt House is something I am happy and proud to be apart of, and always will- I look forward to seeing you all in the store, weather it's the busy Christmas season or you're the only one in here; we'll welcome you with open arms!


I've been coming to Devitt House since I was a very little girl!  Jenn always said I should work here when I got older and now I do!  I've even made things through my own small business that Jenn carries in the store!  I love living steps away and being able to come by whenever!


 Tessa is new at Devitt House and often mistaken for Gracie's sister as well!  She happens to be Ella S sister, though!  Tess is very helpful, funny and shares her sister's love of our cholate collection.  I think the oreos are her weakness!  She is eager to learn and has a gentle, sweet way with clients!