Bath bomb bar - Sugar Rainbow - Locally Made

Bath bomb bar - Sugar Rainbow - Locally Made

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This is a great idea for those of us who don't need a whole bath bomb or for shower use as well!


                                                     SNAP, SINK, SOAK

A easily breakable bar designed so you can add as little, or as much as you want! 

Formulated with cocoa butter for a extra luxurious soak and a sweet sugar and berry scent for kids of all ages to enjoy!


All our bath bomb bars are formulated with water soluble dyes to give bright colors to your water with no staining of your tub!

Ingredients : Citric Acid, Baking Soda, Water Soluble dyes, Fragrance, Kaolin Clay, Rice Bran Oil.

  • Simply snap off the amount you want to use and add to your bath water. Cover remainder of bath bomb and store away from moisture for your next bath adventure!

    External use only. Do not eat. Color may adhere to soap scum but will wash away with regular cleaning.

    Made for Devitt House by To Bathe of Kitchener