Welcome to Devitt House Massage Therapy Clinic

Kyle has been a Registered Massage Therapist for 25 years, here in Waterloo. 

He has 25 years of speciality experience treating pregnant women and his special pregnancy table will make you extremely comfortable. 

He has also worked with numerous sports teams and individuals in our community to recover from sports injuries and to help them get back to what they love!

Check with your employee benefits package, you most likely have coverage!

Many insurance companies allow direct billing so you aren't out of pocket. 

When you book your appointment you do not pay until you have had your treatment.

DIRECT BILLING TO YOUR INSURER: We try to make this as simple as possible by providing you with the option to direct bill your insurer (list of approved insurance companies below) so you aren't out of pocket.  For direct billing, at the initial visit we ask that you pay out of pocket and submit to insurance yourself (this usually requires you to include a Dr’s note with your submission and you are most often reimbursed within 24 - 48 hours).  Subsequent visits can be direct billed and you (the client) will only be responsible for a small amount out of pocket (approx. $12 - 20 depending on length of treatment and coverage).


Standard Rates

Student Rates 

(including WLU, University of Waterloo, and Conestoga College)

30 min:   $57.53 + HST = $65.00

45 min:   $66.33 + HST = $75.00

60 min:   $88.50 + HST = $100.00

90 min:   $128.33 + HST = $145.00  

30 min: $44.25 + HST = $50.00

45 min: $53.10 + HST = $65.00

60 min: $66.38 + HST = $75.00

90 min: $101.77+ HST = $115.00


 List of Insurance Companies approved for Direct Billing

BPA Benefit Plan Administrators - Canada Life

Canadian Cons. Workers Union                    - Chamber of Commerce Group Ins.

CINUP                                                           - CLAIM SECURE

Cowan                                                           - DA Townley

Desjardins Insurance                                    - FIRST CANADIAN

GMS CARRIER 49                                       - GROUP HEALTH

GROUP SOURCE                                        - Industrial Alliance

Johnson Inc.                                                 - Johnson Group Inc

LiUNA Local 183                                           - LiUNA Local 506

Manon                                                           - Manulife Financial

Maximum Benefit or Johnson Group            - People Corporation

RWAM Insurance Administrators                 - Sun Life Financial

Telus Adjudicare                                           - Union Benefits



PLEASE NOTE:  If you have any questions email them to Kyle at kdthermt@gmail.com

Student Care - if you are a student at college or university in our region and you are a member of the StudentCare program, please read the following frequently asked questions before reaching out to us.


Q Are Kyle's StudentCare rates posted on this website correct? 

A Yes

Do I need a doctor’s note to get massage therapy? 

Yes, your insurance company requires a doctor’s note for massage therapy. 

Will I have to pay out of pocket or is there direct billing? 

We have direct insurance billing, however as of Sept 1st, 2023 StudentCare has switched their coverage from Sun Life to Securian Canada Insurance.  This new company is NOT currently on our direct billing platform - therefore you will have to manually submit yourself.

If you have a different insurance company (see list above), only AFTER the second appointment we can direct bill. The FIRST visit we require you to pay out of pocket, submit to the insurer yourself, after which you will be reimbursed.  The money is usually in your account after a couple of days once the submission is complete online. 

How much of the massage therapy fee is paid by my student insurance?

Student Rates are eligible to receive up to 80% reimbursement of their massage fees (which are already discounted from Kyle’s regular rates).

How do I book an appointment?

Book online in the booking system on this page. Please do not call.

When booking an appointment, it isn’t showing the student rate online.  Will I still get the discounted rate?

Yes, students will receive the student rate although it will not be shown when booking.  

Do I have to pay prior to my appointment when I book?

No, you pay after the massage therapy appointment is complete.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you have any questions email them to Kyle at kdthermt@gmail.com